Implant dentistry has changed significantly in the past several decades. Since the early investigations of the possibility of implant viability, which have led to today’s modern implants, the field of dental implantology has evolved rapidly. Although technology has improved greatly over the past several years, and some conventional implant systems allow for early loading(used for chewing) most still require 4 to 6 months before they can be loaded. Using mini dental implants that enable immediate denture stabilization, or single and multiple-tooth replacement in as little as one visit, is clearly desirable The relatively lower cost of mini dental implants allows for a larger group of people that can afford this advantageous procedure.

Mini dental implants are becoming increasingly popular in dental care today. Because of their smaller size they are often used in cases of limited bone anatomy. Mini dental implants have diameters ranging from 1.8 mm to 3 mm and are suitable for long-term use.

A study of 5640 mini implants that were placed, over a 12 year period, was completed. The results showed the survival rate was a terrific 92.1%.The small size of these implants has led to the development of techniques that enable placement and use in a short amount of time for both the doctor and patient. The high rates of success show that mini dental implants are suitable for use in supporting fixed and removable teeth replacements.

The technique for stabilizing dentures with mini dental implants usually is accomplished in one visit. A surgical guide is used to ensure precise position placement of each implant. Typically the implants are placed without any incision of the gum tissue. After placement of the mini implants, the attachments are inserted in the denture, and the denture can then be worn immediately.

The same immediate use is also available when mini implants are used to support a single crown or a bridge replacing multiple teeth. Minimal invasive procedures allow a tooth replacement the same day and the patient can return to work.

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