Dr Aaron Larsen, Dr Ryan Clements, Dr Taci Raben, and Dr Jameson Davis  in Casper, Wyoming strive to provide comprehensive dentistry in a friendly, home-like environment that makes patients feel welcome. We have taken great care when creating our office design so you can look forward to visiting, knowing you will be comfortable, treated as a guest, and given the very best in cosmetic, restorative, and general dental care. Our practice is staffed with personable, respectful professionals who care deeply about providing patients with honest, superior care with an innovative edge.


We want to make every visit to our office a complete and an enjoyable experience. With the help of the Unthank Design Group, we have created an office environment that is modern and intriguing, yet relaxing and home-like. We are proud to offer both comfort and exceptional dental care in our beautiful office!


We were one of the first dental offices in Wyoming to offer laser dentistry, which helps us provide accurate care and quick recovery. Lasers play an important role in the second phase of dental implants, helping to make the second phase of this treatment as painless as possible. Lasers cut tissue one cell layer at a time,which results in no bleeding, less pain, and quicker healing. We are proud to be the first office in Central Wyoming using revolutionary E-4D technology to create and place custom dental crowns in a single visit. This incredible tool allows us to take a digital impression of your tooth, which is transmitted to a computer-guided milling device that can craft a precise, natural-looking restoration in minutes. Our patients can now have access to the most accurate restorations available.


When you think about visiting the dentist’s office, comfort may not be the first thing that comes to mind – however, you can certainly expect to be comfortable when you visit our office. We have flat-screen TV’s, and Mini Ipads in every room to help keep you entertained, and to help you feel more at-home and at-ease, both while awaiting and undergoing treatment. We also offer nitrous oxide, which can help you feel considerably more relaxed if you experience any anxiety during your visit.


The amenities, comforts, and advanced tools we use in our practice all serve to accomplish our mission; it is the goal of this office to provide treatment and education that will bring all our patients to optimal oral health. We aim to deliver treatment in a caring and efficient manner, and to create and maintain a work environment that encourages harmony, efficiency and productivity.


If you are in need of dental care, you owe it to yourself to trust your health to dentists who are as passionate about their trade as they are about the well being of their patients. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with our dentists.