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Going to the dentist might not be your favorite activity, but that doesn’t mean you should hate your experience. Advanced Family Dental strives to be different.

We want you and your family to feel completely at ease in our dental office. This way, you can take advantage of our exceptional dental services without stressing about your child’s reaction to their first cleaning.

Contact Advanced Family Dental today find the right dentist for you and your family. Each member of our dental staff is friendly, highly-trained and ready to help.

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Google Reviews

Natalie P. Avatar

Natalie P. I am very impressed with my visit. Everyone was incredibly kind and helpful, and I feel like I’m getting the best care.

Natalie P. 7/15/2020
Christy S. Avatar

Christy S. The staff is very friendly and professional every time I come in. The dentist are amazing as well. Thank you for always taking good care of

myself and my daughter...soon my son will be going there as well. I would not go to any other dentist. I highly recommend it.

Christy S. 7/15/2020
Hunter R. Avatar

Hunter R. Everyone here is always so nice! They help me to make informed decisions very easily by provide all the information I need to do so. Thank you

all so much!

Hunter R. 7/15/2020
Keith I. Avatar

Everyone at this office is an absolute pleasure to walk into. They understand that dental visits aren’t at the top of everyone’s list, and they do their best to make it a pleasurable experience. The dentists here are also second to none. I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and compared to the stories I’ve heard from friends and family it was a total walk in the park. The most pain I’ve felt from the procedure, and throughout the last 24 hours, is a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. I attribute that to the care Dr. Dacus took during the extraction to minimize impact

to surrounding tissue, as well as the mild anesthesia used to calm you during the extraction. Overall it was the greatest experience I think one could have while getting a few teeth removed. I will recommend them to everyone I know!

Keith I. 5/06/2020
Tona M. Avatar

The staff and dentist were extremely nice and I was comfortable during my procedure. That’s for taking great care of me.

Tona M. 4/30/2020
Keegan F. Avatar

I have gone to Advanced Family Dental a few times over the last several years and am always impressed with the level of engagement from the entire staff. Dr. Dacus is fantastic and I cannot recommend him enough.

Keegan F. 4/30/2020
Lisa S. Avatar

I always have a great experience at Advanced Family Dental. Everyone is friendly and so helpful! And, Dr Dacus is the absolute best! Highly recommend to everyone!

Lisa S. 4/30/2020
Jeffrey L. Avatar

Outstanding group of individuals!

Jeffrey L. 4/30/2020
Patricia S. Avatar

The "DENTIST" is my LEAST favorite to visit. HOWEVER, since it is unavoidable, there is no other dentists' office I would rather go to for my dental care..

Patricia S. 4/30/2020
Christine D. Avatar

Getting into a dentist during this crazy mess when you're not established with anyone is near impossible but they did it! Super friendly and understanding staff. They will now be my regular dentist office for everything

Christine D. 4/30/2020
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